COL- Chrysalis

Originally published at: COL- Chrysalis - Conspiracy of Light

It’s the season finale of the first season of Babylon 5. Josue and I spend some time trying to talk through the loose ends, and then we go into a few digressions. That’s not unheard of really. Season 2 is coming soon.

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Geat discussion that in itself was filled with twists, tension, dramatic reveals, and cliffhangers! Had a good chuckle that you almost forgot Londo’s mass murders and now knowing that Josue watched an episode ahead now I can’t wait to hear the discussion of that episode. Really surreal to know how far back that this was recorded and it’ll be interesting to hear about the plague episode of B5 during the height of COVID.

I am ready for more episodes. I have enjoyed the discussion, and it’s been fun to rewatch the series and listen to y’all. But I’m out of podcast.

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Really missing the brilliant commentary you guys would come out with for B5! Hope the future discussions come out one day.