An Indirect Monster Kiss

Originally published at: An Indirect Monster Kiss - Here Comes a Thought

Charge up your empathy batteries, this episode is all about empathizing with Centipeetle’s trauma and Steven’s struggle to find his emotional core. Join us as we discuss Monster Buddies going in-depth into a discussion about trauma, retraumatization, how to identify and how to empower those who have gone through it. This is followed by An Indirect Kiss, an episode all about getting in touch with your feelings and shipping Connie + Steven.

Get ready for questions like:
Can gem Centipeetles have mental illnesses?
Did Steven and Connie really kiss?
Why is it important for everyone to be able to identify mental illness when it happens?

Most of all, laugh as Gian and Kat struggle and stumble to fulfill the role of synopsis person.

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