For years now, Apple’s WWDC is around the same time as E3, sometimes the same week. I remember once watching the Apple and Sony press conferences live, simultaneously.

WWDC starts on Monday, June 4th. Press conference is at 10AM PT / 1PM ET. I try to watch every big tech company’s conferences. I love the announcements and cringe at the delivery. I have undoubtedly become an Apple fanboy despite years of resisting so I get very excited about WWDC every year. Not just the keynote either. I’ve spent some time learning Swift and Apple leads in podcasting tech so I end up watching a lot of technical presentations throughout the week too.

If you share my WWDC enthusiasm, let me know what you hope to see!

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I got my first iPhone just in the last year so I’m very interested in any announcements about software, services, etc.

Lots of cool software announcements today, I thought. Here are some of my favorites:


  • Finally a new App Store!
  • Voice memos, finally!
  • New screenshot/video capture videos are very welcome.
  • Continuity extending to the camera? Very cool.
  • Making it easier to port iOS apps to MacOS is great for smaller developers.


  • I love all the workout additions, ESPECIALLY, finally, automatic workout recognition.
  • Websites visible on the Watch? I love this. Sometimes you get a message with a link, you read the message on the watch, can’t see the link, so you forget and never go back to the link.
  • Walkie Talkie is pretty cool.


  • ARkit continues to be exciting and I can’t wait for the measurement app.
  • Memoji is going to get used a lot in my family. A lot.
  • 32-person FaceTime? I’ll also be using this with my family a lot.


  • Dolby Atmos!

Those were my favorite announcements. I’m surprised there wasn’t any talk about HomePod. I’ve messed around with making apps for Amazon Echo and Google Home and I’d love to see a dedicated audioOS for HomePod and future devices.

32-person FaceTime is kind of amazing!