What games do you play to help you get stuff done?

Let me explain. I listen to a lot of audio books and “watch” (mostly listen to) a lot of YouTube but I can’t just do those things so I have certain games I play so I can get through them. This weekend I played a shmup called Sky Force so I could finish a book and a few online courses. I finished two courses and one book, plus I fully upgraded my ship. :grin:

I think that playing Pokémon GO to get your daily steps in or grinding on a handheld RPG while getting through the boring part of a Netflix binge count for what I’m asking.

So what games do you play to help you get stuff done?

I love playing open world games, whenever I feel like reading a book or listening to a podcast I usually do those missions that have no story telling and tend to be just standard fetch quests. That includes Skyrim, Witcher, Assassins creed and more recently Mass Effect A.

Whenever I do hard core studying I do question block until my brain goes numb. Then I close my eyes and listen to a podcast and recover from so much screen time. But usually I get back rather calm and drowsy so I play a fighting game to jump start my sympathetic system, usually injustice 2. Guess what player I play?

hint in the profile pic.

I really like SuperBetter, and last year I bookmarked this page that has lots of others: ActiTime Productivity Games has a few that are remarkable. Particularly, I’ve never had the time to set up a quest/party, but Habitica is stellar to get me going. It’s rpg-style where you enter your tasks/habits/goals and track for daily/weekly/monthly completion, and you do quests alone or with groups.

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I listen to Audiobooks and Podcasts when I’m in the car on the school run.

I watch Netflix documentaries or Podcasts like Joe Rogan when I’m on the cross trainer at the Gym.