What are good video games that you consider unrecognized?

There a few video games that I played throughout my life that I loved growing up and would love to play again. However not many people around me knew about these games so I felt this intense urge to talk about said games with people.

N64: Clay Fighters Such a fun fighting game at the time!

PS1: The Misadventures of Tronn Bonne and Brave Fencer Musashi . I remember my dad bought us a cockatoo and one day the bird got free and chewed the cd for Tron Bonne and we never saw it in stores again, I was destroyed.

PS2: Trapt and Mister Mosquito , Trapt had a very interesting concept in which you were a cursed girl who was bound to a cursed castle. People come into the castle to kill you but you had the power to set traps and trigger them. The story had multiple endings. Mister Mosquito was a blast to play, you are a mosquito that has to drink enough blood from an unfortunate family to save up fro the winter, it was hella hard for me at the time.

XBOX: Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly First game to truly scare the bejeezus out of me.

What are some of yours?

Nobody played Zack & Wiki on the Wii! :sob:


Beetle Adventure Racing for the N64! Probably my favorite racing game ever. Just a bunch of VW Bugs, but there are so many secret pathways on the levels! It’s the coolest. I rented it from Blockbuster so many times. I kept my save file so I could pick up where I left off. Years later I bought a copy on EBay…and then haven’t played it since.


The Custom Robo games were a really unique and cool little series of action battle games. While they definitely had some absurdly overpowered combinations, I think it was super fun. I always wished they kept on with them and refined them more. I think that could have been a really big hit with some more support and balance focus.

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I loved Custom Robo. I remember a friend recommending it to me because at the time we were really into Medabots and Cubix. I thought it was gonna be lame but I was just blown away.

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Yes!!! on Beetle Adventure Racing! I was obsessed with VW Bugs. Once almost got a Beetle tattoo. :open_mouth:

Jet Moto on the original playstation was an amazing racing game where you race on hovering jet skis across cool landscapes. I loved that game and played it a ton with both of my brothers. It holds a special place in my memory.

Z&W was, in my opinion, the one Wii game that really made perfect use of the Wiimote controls! I’d like to play it again. I hope there’s a re-release on Nintendo Switch.

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Have you played the Sega Genesis Mini?

One of the games I think that is unrecognized is
Age of Fantasy (AoF).

It is a fun strategy game (on mobile) that I have been playing for a few months now, and Its one of my most favorite games to play on the go. The pixelated graphics aren’t a problem for me,
And I like playing multiplayer games or do the campaign for this game.

I think it is a game worth trying out, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this game.