Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Things Past

Title: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Things Past

Series Identifier: Season 5, episode 8

Format: TV/Video


  • Sci-fi

Conversation Topic:

  • Taking responsibility for one’s actions

Relatable Experience:

  • Guilt
  • Trauma


  • Odo, Dax, Sisqo, and Garak are seemingly sent back in time to Bajor after a plasma explosion on their shuttle. They are actually reliving a past event in Odo’s life, triggered by the the explosion, an event that Odo has felt guilty about for years. The event plays out differently than it originally happened.
  • It seems that Odo’s memories of the event had been altered over time and this experience allowed him to reexamine it and come to terms with what really happened, finally accepting what he had done.


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