Sony at E3!

Let’s talk about everything Sony at this year’s E3! HOP ON THE HYPE TRAIN!

With Sony I feel like we mostly know everything that’s going to be shown, right? I’m still hoping for some surprises… maybe some brand new IP or some HD remakes of PS classics?

Though its release date slipped into 2019, I’ll still be looking forward to any new details on Shenmue III.

Here’s the trailer from last summer:

I was a diehard Shenmue 1 and 2 fan and I was sooooo disappointed that we never got the other 5(?) installments. I’m looking forward to the re-releases but I can’t imagine they hold up at all. I would have preferred a remake. The fighting game-in-a-game was great but that especially would need such a revamp to feel fresh. Can you imagine driving that forklift around again in 2018. I can’t stop smiling and cringing at the same time! :joy:


Oh wow… that forklift! That was the the first time I recall feeling like I had a job–a job I didn’t like–inside a video game! :joy: