Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World - From Zero

Title: Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World - From Zero

Series Identifier: Season 1, Episode 18

Format: TV/Video, Anime


  • Adventure
  • Anime
  • Fantasy
  • Horror

Conversation Topic:

  • Burnout
  • Change
  • Difficult emotions
  • Fear
  • Feeling alone
  • Finding Oneself/Identity Development
  • Guilt
  • Resilience
  • Redemption
  • Working with others

Relatable Experience:

  • Clarity/Understanding
  • Coming of age/Getting older
  • Death
  • Depression
  • Guilt
  • Trauma


  • Subaru’s repeated traumatic events have taken a toll on him and he has decided to run away instead of attempting to save his friends again and deal with failure.
  • Subaru proposes to Rem that they run away together. She refuses because she can see that he’s not smiling during his proposal, demonstrating to her that Subaru is doing this to avoid his problems.
  • Rem tells Subaru that it is easy to give up. Subaru is offended because he sees giving up as a very big sacrifice, but is unable to see any other way to go on without failing and feeling more shame.
  • Suburu says he is worthless, weak, lazy, and powerless. That he’s always been this way and trying to accomplish something important was arrogant because he hasn’t changed. Subraru hates himself. But Rem disagress and tells him what she sees, and that regardless of how he feels, she loves him and sees him as a kind person and hero. Despite disagreeing with Rem at first, this helps Subaru realize that he has made a difference and is capable of helping others when he chooses to.
  • Rem suggests “starting from zero” and forgetting about how Subaru feels about the past and instead try again without the weight of past failures.
  • Subaru realizes he needs help to believe in himself and formally asks Rem to play that role in his life.


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Reflection Questions:

  • Have you ever felt like Subaru? So overwhelmed or afraid that you don’t want to continue trying?
  • Do you think the version of yourself that you see is the same as what other people see?
  • Who is your Rem? Who is a person that helps you believe in yourself?
  • Are you willing to “start from zero” and try again without the baggage of past failures?

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