Nintendo at E3!

Let’s talk about everything Nintendo at this year’s E3! HOP ON THE HYPE TRAIN!

I’m really curious who they’re going to announce for Smash 5. There’s endless possibilities after the guest characters from Smash 4. I hope it’s a mix of Melee and Smash 5. I think a competitive focused Smash would be good to bring the competitive community closer since Smash 4 and Melee still butt heads a bit nowadays. And it’s be Nintendo’s marquis game for Nintendo Versus.

I’m hoping they have a fair handful of secret titles they’d not talked about as well. I’d love a new IP or even just a sequel to an old one that hasn’t come about for some time.

I’m expecting a lot of good things from Nintendo. They hype me up and let me down harder than any other company but the Switch is doing so well that I’m expecting lots of surprises.

Also, Goku in Smash please.

My #1 wish for Nintendo at E3 is for them to announce something–anything–about Animal Crossing on Switch!

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Shin Megami Tensei 5 info! I honestly haven’t had a new Nintendo system in a while (besides 3DS) but SMT5 and Stardew Valley is making me want a Switch. Alllll about portability now!


Wait wat? Shin Megami Tensei, What where?!


No release date yet!

The Switch is quickly becoming my favorite system for that very reason: portability. Being able to kick back and play games on my TV when I want, and then have the ability to play those same games on a lunch break at work or on a trip–with physical controls–is so great.


God, I need a switch in my life! If they release an animal crossing, they would be practically forcing me to buy one.

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If Fortnite hits Switch soon, I’ll be playing a lot more Fortnite

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Oh no… now I am imagining wanting a second Switch if Nintendo releases an Animal Crossing bundle with limited edition AC Joy-Con controllers! :open_mouth: :slight_smile: