More Pro-Social Features Added to Overwatch

In the following video, Jeff introduces endorsements to Overwatch! Basically, you can now endorse your teammates for positive traits and actions, and you both get rewarded for it. Jeff also announced LFG is finally coming to Overwatch!

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These features sound great all in all and I’m happy to finally see them. A lot of games only have punishments for bad players but I think that rewarding good behavior will go incredibly far in improving the general level of “toxicity” within the community as well.

Not directly related to this but the Overwatch League put out a really awesome little segment into their weekly recap show. It’s timestamped but I couldn’t help but smile the whole time during this:

There’s so much research that shows that positive reinforcement is more effective than punishment for changing behaviors! I hope this works well for the OW community, so well that future game developers will want to implement positive reinforcement for prosocial behaviors in their multiplayer games from the get-go (instead of trying to squeeze them in after players become unbearable asswipes)


Overwatch always seems so ahead of the curve on everything!