Merging Art Therapy and TTRPG Therapy

Hi everybody,
I just discovered this community and am so in awe of your library of resources.

I am currently an Art Therapy master’s student and am in the starting phases of creating my capstone project. As a long-time admirer and enjoyer of TTRPG’s and the therapeutic benefits of games in general, I am hoping to use this opportunity to create an art therapy intervention that integrates elements of ttrpg therapy.

In my own life art and ttrpg’s have been such a valuable tool for processing and healing. I’ve always wanted to find a way to develop an intervention that brings aspects of the two together.

Just wondering if anyone knows of existing interventions that merge these two disciplines.

Honestly, I would be very appreciative of any resources that point to a merging of the two. Whether that be TTRPG’s that incorporate art making, or known therapists who are familiar with both fields.

I just completed a playing of Dwelling today (a solo journaling/drawing ttrpg where you go through the various rooms of a haunted house that you’ve inherited from your passed uncle) and though it was circling the topic, I am in need of more resources.

At the moment I can see so many parallels between TTRP and Art Therapy through:
-Trying on archetypes/roles
-Narrative (art) therapy
-providing a safe environment for testing skills/expressing emotions
-The role of playfulness (flow state)

In art therapy, there are interventions where groups/families create their own board games and rules. Surely something like this could be adapted into more of a TTRPG-style journey with art prompts/factors.

Something is there, and I’d love to chat with folks in an effort to figure out the shape of it.

Y’all are the best,

  • Allanna