Kickstarter:: Quest: the roleplaying game for everyone

Look at this kickstarter! It looks so easy to start with narrative roleplaying looks super nice for beginners. What do you guys think?

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makes grabby hands

This is a really neat looking game. I really want to get this one too. Why must there be so many good roleplaying games? I’m going to need a room just to house them all soon.

This looks so great! I’m the perfect customer for this: I’ve always wanted to play a tabletop RPG (but never have) because I was put off by what perceived to be a high level of complexity.

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I use FATE Accelerated for newbies. (Although its actually my favorite ruleset)
It’s rules are simple enough that you can create a character in minutes and the rules adapt to any setting. The first time I played it was a Harry Potter RPG, but I’ve since used it in Fantasy, Scifi and Cosmic Horror Settings.

Also, the rulebook is Free on PDF and you can download the dice as an app.

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Looks great! Thank you! :grinning: