How to Use the Geek Therapy Library

The Geek Therapy Library is designed to help fans communicate through their favorite movies, books, and games. It is a resource for therapists, teachers, and parents to find a way to work with or talk about important things through awesome content. It provides Geeks and Nerds everywhere different ways to be better understood.

How to use the Library:

  • Add an entry in the Geek Therapy Library category and use the template.
  • Add an entry in the Geek Therapy Library category without using the template, simply share a piece of media and how it was helpful or how you think it might be helpful.
  • Add to entries in the Geek Therapy Library category by editing the posts to add your own insights, or reply with a comment.
  • Use this form to request or suggest an entry instead of creating one:
  • Use entries as a conversation starters with clients, students, or loved ones. Or try to apply the media examples in the Library to other content you and the person you’re working with are more comfortable with.