Help with a Text based game.

I’m building a text-based game in a self made fantasy/sci-fi setting about being a psychiatrist to new fantastical species.

I want the game to have a lot of stats so that the player can evaluate what their interactions and interview techniques say about them.

I,d love to build an opposites pair chart like so:


(Obviously with more therapeutic terms)

What Dual Qualities do you think can be used to evaluate a player’s approach to therapy or mental illness?


Empathetic vs. Apathetic
Analytical vs. Chaotic (or maybe illogical)
Reflective vs. Ignorant
Active vs. Passive
Engaging vs. Boring
Motivating vs. Discouraging
Nonjudgmental vs. Prejudiced

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I like active vs passive. Im looking for opposites but also qualities show no value judgement. like myers briggs ish

theres nothing bad about being intro / extroverted or thinking/ feeling, ect.

So I’m looking for values that a player might say “oh so thats how you would describe my approach!” Instead of: “ Im doing this wrong”

I already have a system positive reinforcement which i call the CURE stats:

Comprehension: Players theoretical understanding of mental health terms.

Understanding: Players desire to learn about the patient’s personal experience amd understanding of the patient as an individual.

Relational Versatility: Players ability to match their interpersonal approach to the comunication and relationship needs of different patients to be who and what the patient needs.

Empathy: Players emotional responsiveness and consistent convern for the patients feelings.

I was inspired by this paper to come up with that system.

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I gotcha. So like, relatable vs. professional. Sensitive vs. neutral. Experiential vs. cognitive.

Not sure those are all complete opposites, but hey.

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Those are great thanks!