Gian’s TAGGS Rewatch series: “Welcome to the Dark Side! Exploring Villains and their Use in Therapy” with Maria Laquerre Diego

I’m gonna be commenting on the presentations I didn’t get to attend during the TAGG Summit.  This is in the interest of continuing to ride the TAGGS hype and hopefully continuing the conversation.  These presentations are still accesible if you buy a media pass, which allows you to watch all the prerecorded events.

Welcome to the Dark Side! Exploring Villains and their Use in Therapy

I utterly loved this presentation, it not only addressed a lot of how we can use villains in a therapy setting but it also serves as a through deconstruction of villain tropes and how they are relatable to clients. I think the concept of letting the client lead the discussion on their favorite villains is an especially important one because it grants us access to the vulnerabilities they they identify with as well as the empowerments that they value/crave. I would also add that villains are always useful in the distinction between morality and actionable ethics, by talking about villains we can detach from concept of good vs evil and explore more complicated concepts like “do the needs of one outweigh the needs of the many?” How far could violence actually get us in reforming society? What alternatives could villains have to further their ends through more humane means? Why does this villain’s world view make us so uncomfortable? All points that Maria Diego addresses expertly!
Anyone has any thoughts on this?

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Gian! Thank you so much for your kind review! This is such a passion of mine and I’m glad you enjoyed it. :purple_heart:

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