Gender Queer: A Memoir

Title: Gender Queer: A Memoir by Maia Kobabe

Series Identifier: n/a

Format: Comic


  • Young Adult
  • Other: Autobiography

Conversation Topic:

  • Change
  • Difficult emotions
  • Family
  • Finding Oneself/Identity Development
  • LGBT Issues

Relatable Experience:

  • Acceptance
  • Clarity/Understanding
  • Coming of age/Getting older
  • Coming Out
  • Fear/Anxiety
  • Trauma


  • Maia’s exploration of being genderqueer and asexual brings representation to LGBTQ groups that are less known to the mainstream.
  • Great conversation starter for parents/family members trying to understand and see what might be going on in their loved one’s mind.
  • Depicts the struggles that gender non-conforming people go through when faced with medical procedures that can lead to dysphoria.
    *Shows what it can be like to come out as non-binary and asexual. Maia’s family is very accepting and still has trouble sometimes.
    *Discusses pronouns.


  • My wife and I (a lesbian couple) put sticky notes on each part of the book that we related to. Afterward we were able to compare and discover more about each other and our experiences/gender and sexual identities.

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