Geek Therapy Forum Rules and Code of Conduct!

The goal of the Geek Therapy Community is to be an inclusive, fun place to talk about and celebrate Geek culture, mental health, psychology, and more. The Geek Therapy Community was created out of the idea that “Geek culture can save the world.” In other words, people who are really into what they’re into can use that to help others and improve the world. That’s the common interest that brought us all here. These rules are intended to promote that environment.

Rule 1

Rule 2

Rule 3

Rule 4

Rule 5

Rule 6

Rule 7

Rule 8

Rule 9

In addition to the rules above, the Moderation Team and Staff reserve the right to remove a user for reasons not explicitly covered here if deemed necessary.

Rules will be noted as new or updated for any addendum to them with date of change after our beta period.

Revised/Addendum Log

Will update here after beta period.

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