Favorite YouTubers?

If I say Ali Mattu, do I get like free merch or brownie points or something? :wink: :grin:

I also enjoy Kati Morton, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who makes videos about so many topics in psychology, and makes them easy to understand and digest. Her last video on the effects of having parents with mental illness made me tear up, cuz I have two parents with mental illness and, yeah. Super relatable.

And I effin love Jessica at How To ADHD. So, so helpful. Her most recent video is about how to explain ADHD to non-ADHD brains, and I was just shouting “Yes! That’s what it is!” the whole time.

On the geek side, I enjoy Trekspertise, which focuses mostly on Star Trek with video essays and Discovery reviews, but occasionally branches out into other sci-fi stuff.

Who are some of your favorites?

The YouTube channel I watch the most now is Arekkz Gaming which I’ve been watching to learn more about Monster Hunter: World and I’m liking everything they do. I really like How to ADHD also. I like boogie2988 a lot but I don’t watch him often.

It’s funny, I couldn’t think of a YouTube channel I watch often so I looked through my history and I mostly watch music videos, tutorials, late night talk show clips, and trailers. Every now and then I discover a new YouTuber and I binge a bunch of their videos but that’s it. Arekkz is the only channel I watch almost every video now.