Elsa (Frozen)

Character Name: Elsa

Version: From the Disney movies Frozen, Frozen 2

Defining Values and Characteristics:

  • Family
  • Female Role Model
  • LGBT Role Model

Issues and Obstacles Faced:

  • Anger
  • Death/Grief
  • Insecurity


  • Her struggle with her powers, the beauty in them but also the danger, is something many people can relate to.
  • When she realizes she needs to cross the Dark Sea, you see her become more determined and confident in her abilities.
  • In the Dark Sea, she comes across a Nokk, a water horse. The horse is terrifying at first, coming from the deep and trying to drag her down. But through persistence, she is able to get onto it’s back and ride it. She doesn’t “tame” the Nokk but they have a mutual respect for each other and she is able to harness her power in a way that supports her ultimate goal at that time (getting to Ahtohallan).


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Entry submitted by Katie Nice