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To all members of the Geek Therapy community! Post your latest blog post, podcast episode, panel, appearance, or good news here and we may share it on GT Radio and with our mailing list!

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Hi Geek Therapy community! I’ve been working for a while now on a short documentary about gaming for mental health, called Game Flow. It follows three people with mood and anxiety disorders who find that playing games can be a powerful tool for self-care. Their stories are punctuated by insights from experts in the fields of game studies, game design, and psychology.

The project was very much inspired by my own experiences using games to help myself deal with anxiety and a mood disorder. The main goal of the film is to promote mental health awareness while debunking common negative misconceptions about games.

I’m running an Indiegogo campaign to cover postproduction costs for the film, and we’ve gotten off to a great start, but we badly need help keeping up the momentum if we’re going to reach our goal. If you’re able to contribute here, I’d be so eternally grateful, but also just spreading the word by sharing that link is a huge help. You can watch our trailer, learn more about the film, and find links to our various social media accounts on our website.

I’m happy to answer any questions about the documentary, the Indiegogo campaign, or anything else! I’d also love to hear other people’s stories about using gaming as a coping strategy, or links to relevant research, etc. that I can put up on the website (I hope to make the website for the film a sort of living database for ongoing news and research about games and mental health).


Hey, Geek Therapy community! I know I’ve been absentee for a while, but I’ve been off in a few different directions— dealing with some mental health and medication issues, keeping up with grad school, binge-listening to The Expanse series audiobooks for escapism. But I’m starting to feel a bit more myself again, so I guess this thread is timely.

What I’ve published lately:

So, I’ve taken a break from my big fanfic project (more like, I’ve been stuck in a writers block on the next chapter for a while). But a few weeks ago, right after seeing a new psychiatrist and having her notice multiple depressive symptoms still hanging around, I wrote a short little piece I’ve wanted to write for a while, which is a sort of stream-of-consciousness telling of Captain Janeway’s depression in the ST:VOY episode “Night.” It’s short (2139 words), unbeta’d and rough around the edges because I was too withdrawn to ask to anyone in my fanfic community to beta-read it, but I suppose that fits the story I was trying to tell.

You can find the story here.

Even more recently (like, yesterday), I wrote up a short essay on my blog about the Better Help controversy on YouTube, and why I’m still hopeful for the possibilities that mobile and telehealth technologies can offer to the field of mental health. Citations and all. My profs would be proud, lol.

You can find the blog post here.


I just got back from Meaningful Play Conference in Michigan this week. I had the amazing opportunity to moderate a panel on games, empathy, and education as well as give my own talk on the representation of mental illness in games. The weekend before that, I was at a GameJam for mental health! Super busy but loving it!