Boruto: Naruto Next Generations - The Other Side of Anxiety

Title: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations - The Other Side of Anxiety

Series Identifier: Episode 70

Format: TV/Video


  • Action
  • Anime
  • Young Adult

Conversation Topic:

  • Consequences
  • Difficult emotions
  • Family
  • Fear / Anxiety
  • Finding Oneself/Identity Development

Relatable Experience:

  • Acceptance
  • Clarity/Understanding
  • Fear/Anxiety


  • Metal Lee is an anxious ninja so he buys a necklace that reduces his anxiety. He later buys more necklaces, but they don’t work. Thanks to the teachings of Guy sensei, Metal realizes that he must confront his anxiety directly instead of running away from it. Metal’s father Rock Lee teaches him to accept that he is a ninja with anxiety and acknowledge it.


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Reflection Questions:

  • Do you confront what makes you anxious? Do you avoid it?
  • Do you think Metal’s necklace was helpful to him? Do you have an item that helps you with your anxiety?
  • Was Metal still anxious during his battle?

Link to Content: The Other Side of Anxiety | Narutopedia | Fandom

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