Bethesda at E3!

Let’s talk about everything Bethesda at this year’s E3!

My evening is winding down but I’m still buzzing about everything we saw. So far I think Bethesda had the best show.

I can’t believe Fallout 76 is an always-online survival MMO! Anyone else interested in playing it?

I also think Bethesda has had the best show so far. The trailers were good, the presentation was awkward at times but it felt honest and authentic. Co-op Wolfenstein was a big surprise. Even though Elder Scrolls 6 was just a logo, it’s confirmation that they’re working on it and that’s what everyone wanted.

Also, Starfield and ES6 were announced as next-generation games so they won’t be coming out on Xbox One or PS4. I’m glad they set those expectations now.

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Ok so I sat down and watched it with my fiancee on facetime. Tears were shed! We are both huge Bethesda fans, we had a period of our lives where we endlessly studied Elder Scrolls lore. We love every little detail we get about summerset, Rage 2 looks like our next borderlands. I haven’t played Prey yet but I’m super excited for the new dlc. Fallout 76 just blew us away. We just can’t even. We loved building games like Little big planet, and we loved building settlements in Fallout 4, but now being able to just share the same space while playing this game that we love so much it’s a dream come true. I’m super excited for Elder Scrolls blades, The Game pla looks kinda weird as its a mobile game, but We are just so in love with Elder Scrolls lore than any game is a welcome addition to explore and learn more. Also I love the concept of exploring an Elder Scrolls world on my cellphone and building a town! I am super excited for starfield! Still wondering how its gonna be. Is it going to be in a select few planets like Mass Effect andromeda? I it going to be in just one planet? Is it going to add rpg elements to something similar to no man’s sky? I don’t know but me and Bethesda have a great track record. (I forgive them for Fallout 4)

Seeing the title for Elder Scrolls 6 was just, I can’t even, I saw my fiancees tears on the screen, we just love the Elder Scrolls so much and we’ve always been waiting for the next installment. We were geared up just talking about where it is. It looks kinda plains-ish which might be Highrock or Hammerfell or Orsimer. But this might just be a little glimpse and I can see how it could expland to look more jungle-y like maybe Valenwood or possible blackmarsh. We can’t even; I don’t care if its 5 years from now I just want to eat every single trailer up. I loved the Comedy Tod Howard brought to the table, Including the Skyrim: Special Edition which had me laughing. I love his self aware humor and show his connection to his fanbase.

@josue They did mention its next-gen but that doesn’t mean its not coming to PS4, I mean Skyrim came out for both PS4 and PS3. sometimes they release the same game for both consoles while still boasting that the next-gen version is gonna look so much better.

I can’t even I might need to sit down for 4 days and just reflect on my life and how its all built up to this. I’m going back into hibernation until I see today’s Sony conference tomorrow, but I’ll talk about Bethesda till I die. I will literally tell my grandchildren of the glory days back in 2018 on my deathbed.

Keep it together Gian, your fanboy is out of control…

Keep it together Gian! Don’t explode from the excitement! If I have lore questions, I now know who to ask!

I really loved this conference too. :sob: I rate the conferences based on how many tears I shed. :grin:

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Oh and it’s great that they added Fallout and ESO to Xbox Game Pass. I haven’t played either yet and at this point I probably never would have if they weren’t “free.”