Batman Rebirth #1

Title: Batman Rebirth #1

Series Identifier: Issue #1 (also found in Batman Rebirth vol 1: I am Gotham)

Format: Comic


  • Superheroes

Conversation Topic:

  • Family
  • Resilience
  • Rumors/gossip
  • Sacrifice for others

Relatable Experience:

  • Clarity/Understanding
  • Death


  • Batman risks his own life to save a plane full of people, fully believing he will die. Possible conversation starter.
  • One page shows him rescuing the plane while a man inside rants about how other cities have better heroes, and Batman is a nobody. A kid sits at the window watching Batman save the plane while this happens. Possible discussion about what Batman’s actions might mean to this kid.
  • Batman believes he is going to die in the plane crash. He says his goodbyes and asks Alfred if he would have made his parents proud. Chance to discuss what we would do with out last moments. How we would feel about our lives if now were the end?


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