Anxiety - anyone else dealing with it?

Hey Geek Therapy forum,

I find often I’m not trusting others in a defensive cycle, so I think the best thing I could do here is air it out. I’m usually out not really confiding my opinion with others so here goes.


Hi Cv!

One thing we say here a lot is “helping professionals are people too” and we encourage everyone to share their experiences so we normalize helping professionals but also show that many of us are dealing with anxiety.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety lately because I’m moving and will be going through some life changes.

If you’re feeling like you’re the only one, I suggest you check out TikTok and search for anxiety hashtags. I’ve enjoyed seeing other people share their experiences with anxiety and relate to each other.

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I feel like I put too much weight on the opinions of others, and forget I’m human. It makes me notice when I second guess and rationalise what I’m doing.

I prefer sharing experiences rather than knowing conceptually it’s a thing. It’s not needed bit, i’ll still know it more.

Anyway, I’m still stressing out over this lol so let me know if it’s alright